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Record Producer Gelboni is a voting member of NARAS, the Grammy organization. He worked at EMI Music Publishing in the Business Affairs and A&R departments, then at SBK records in the A&R department, leaving to form Integrated Entertainment, an independent production and publishing company, in the 90's.

Over the last ten years, Gelboni has produced albums across the US, varying stylistically from complex modern rock to singer-songwriter (AAA). He has honed his skills as an arranger, focusing on the pre-production phase as critically important to a project's success. His productions range from demos to full-blown international releases. He mixed Dash Rip Rock's greatest hits album entitled "Gold Record" for the Ichiban label. He has also produced Gatlin, Ash Wednesday, Three Miles Out, Playing for Audrey, Margin of Error, Squash, Amy Carr, Real, Sundowner Syndrome, and many other bands. His work with Gatlin has been played on Infinity Broadcasting station WXTM (Cleveland); Ash Wednesday on Clear Channel stations WKQQ (Lexington Kentucky) and WEBN (Cincinnati) -- quite an achievement for unsigned bands.

Gelboni has been a panelist and moderator at dozens of music conferences including South by Southwest (SXSW), Access to Amsterdam (A2A) in the Netherlands, NEMO in Boston, North by Northeast (NXNE) in Toronto, 2NMC in Nashville, MEIS in Lexington, KY, the Florida Musician's Workshop in Ft. Lauderdale and MPMF in Cincinnati. He was selected by SXSW for 2006, marking his tenth consecutive year as a panelist for this prestigious conference. He is also a final-round judge for the USA Songwriting Competition.

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